Thursday, April 24, 2003

New Journal of Physics special issue on Quantum Cryptography

NJP is completely free to read and you may access all contributions to
this issue on the Web.

Focus on Quantum Cryptography Contents

Quantum key distribution over 67 km with a plug&play system
D Stucki, N Gisin, O Guinnard, G Ribordy and H Zbinden

Autocompensating quantum cryptography
Donald S Bethune and William P Risk

Practical free-space quantum key distribution over 10 km in daylight and at night
Richard J Hughes, Jane E Nordholt, Derek Derkacs and Charles G Peterson

Quantum key distribution with realistic states: photon-number statistics in the photon-number splitting attack
Norbert Lütkenhaus and Mika Jahma

Entangled-photon six-state quantum cryptography
Daphna G Enzer, Phillip G Hadley, Richard J Hughes, Charles G Peterson and Paul G Kwiat

Building the quantum network
Chip Elliott

Architectures for long-distance quantum teleportation
Jeffrey H Shapiro

Ground to satellite secure key exchange using quantum cryptography
J G Rarity, P R Tapster, P M Gorman and P Knight

Method for decoupling error correction from privacy amplification
Hoi-Kwong Lo

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